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Surgical Device

Surgical devices are very critical to successful surgeries. The quality and availability of the Surgical Devices has always been a challenge more so in the tier 2 & 3 towns and interior parts of India.

At Meditree, we help Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Surgeons source these Surgical Devices delivered at their doorstep. We represent leading MNC’s for these products.

At Meditree, all you need to do is upload your requirement in the form and we shall do everything else to get the best device at your doorstep.


  • Graspers – like forceps.
  • Clamps and occludes for blood vessels and other organs.
  • Measurement device – like rulers& calipers.
  • Ultrasound tissue disruptors, cry tomes and cutting laser guides.
  • Carries and appliers for optical electronic and mechanical devices.
  • Scopes and probes, including fiber optic endoscopes and tactile probes.
  • Powered devices, such as drills, dermatomes.
  • Irrigation and injection needles, tips and tubes for introducing fluid.
  • Sealing devices such as surgical staplers.
  • Suction tips and tubes, for removing bodily fluids.
  • Dilators and specula for access to narrow passage or incision.
  • Mechanical cutters (Scalpels, lancets, drill bits, rasps, trocars, ligature harmonic scalpel, surgical scissors, rogues etc.).
  • Distracters positioners and stereotactic devices.

Why Us:-

  • Doctors / Medical Practitioners and Hospital shall get large data base of suppliers.
  • List of companies which Market Leaders and other ISO compliant, shall be available.
  • Competitive pricing options to buyer.

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