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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Packaging development as well as finding a best vendor for providing packaging inputs to mid and small Pharma Industries has always been a challenge. The unorganized structure of this industry with little or no major manufacturers make the task further difficult for Pharma Packaging. Many a recalls globally could be attributed to packaging and non performance of packing material.

Pharmaceutical / Medical Device packaging is an essential part of the drug delivering system and product presentation.

At Meditree, we can be one stop solution provider for your products which includes

  • Developing Packaging design for your product both technical and presentation
  • Develop innovative drug delivery system including metered dosing, PFS and target delivery mechanism
  • Developing packaging components including designs, Molds and visual effects
  • Developing stable vendor base
  • Identification of Packaging Machines, Suppliers for regular and special purpose machines and change parts etce

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