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Paramedical Services

Post Hospitalization, chronic disorders and age related medical syndromes needs continuous attendance of the patient. In today’s era of Nuclear Families, there are less people to support a patient or a needy person at home. Many a times it needs a special expertise to provide homecare to the patient like Injections, conducting enemas or palliative care.

At Meditree, we provide a host of such Homecare services providing expert Paramedical Staff.


Para medical services are 100% committed services on part of the staff for timely attendance to critical and difficult emergency responses to take care without wastage of time to save life or help in spreading smile on the patients and their near and dear ones.


We are committed to providing these types of services.

  • Home Care Nurses both male and female
  • Physiotherapist
  • Onco Nurses
  • Child and Mother Care Technician
  • ECG / Ultrasound Technician
  • Diagnostic Sample Collection technician
  • We have a team of EMT’s, EMR’s, Paramedics, Physicians Assistants, Nurses and Occupational RN’s, fully certified and serving our clients’ needs anywhere in India

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