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NGO Charity medicines

The role of Non Government Organization (NGO) in low income and developing countries is well documented. The NGO’s can play a major role to source in the medicines under their control and find suitable platform by their own research teams regarding necessities of the same / use platform like this which offers them the places / people whom they could serve.

India has highly developed pharmaceutical industry yet appropriate reliable medicines do not reach most of the poor people in India. These people are the neglected lot and are denied of proper and quality disease care increasing complications and mortality due to inadequate drug regimen..


  • India is the second most populous country of the world and has changing socio-political demographic and morbidity patterns that have been drawing global attention in recent years. Despite several growth orientated policies adopted by the government, the widening economic, regional and gender disparities are posing challenges for the health sector.
  • Health care structure in the country is over-burdened by increasing population
  • Nearly 70% of all deaths, and 92% of deaths from communicable diseases, occurred among the poorest 20% of the population.
  • At Meditree, realizing our social responsibility towards the less opportune part of the society, we aim obtaining in-date medicines and distributing them to patients in need or poor people.

We appeal the big corporate and pharmaceutical companies to sponsor either funds or medicines and generously donate us for distribution to the needy and poor.

All the donations / sponsorship received shall be directed to and for the poor people of the society through the network of our NGO.

All donations shall be tax free and generosity of each of the donor shall ensure smile and good health to the unser privileged.

The In use Medicines would be accepted only from the companies or licensed dealers to ensure safety of the patients and users. All such medicines would be managed by a registered Pharmacist and be dispensed free of cost to the needy patients on prescription of a registered medical practitioner

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Free Medicine

Our population as a whole is spread over length and breadth of the country. Many of them are residing in far flung areas with very little facility of medicines, doctors and Para medical staff. Many of whom are residing at a distance of 100 – 200 kms where above basic facility could be available to them.

This community is always in very poor financial health to afford to go to such far off places to get medical attention.

This community and the poor people residing in developed rural and urban areas need medical support and they look towards government and various non government organizations for such support and medicines.

  • Objective
  • Aim of this site is to make people, organizations, corporate & NGO’s aware of the necessities of people who are very poor and needing medical help by way of free medicines as they cannot afford to purchase of their own. These authorities can have information and tie up arrangements with us to have complete details of needs and area where they are required to be sent so that they can do their bit for the poor.
  • Identify nationally the areas where people are suffering from any particular type of ailments / disease for which specific medical attention is required, which can be addressed by NGO’s, corporate and organization to make a difference to their life.
  • We aim to provide free medicines with the support of corporates out of their CSR funds and NGO’s so that these people are treated at their location and do not die of lack of medical support.
  • Our platform is open for all such corporates who have willingness to help the poor people but do not have the right platform where the poor is given free medicines.
  • To improve the quality life of needy people.
  • To provide compassionate medical care to the poor patients.
  • To ensure rehabilitation to the poor patients.


  • Utilize our platforms to share the information and come forward to support the needy people.
  • We will provide services to meet the needs of people who are unable to pay for care.
  • Our charitable organization works closely with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mentally retarded children, handicapped and individuals.
  • Our Foundation stands ready to serve you! If you are the person with a diagnosis and seeking assistance, please continue on this page. If you are applying on another person’s behalf, please visit the Apply for Patient page.

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