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About Us


Meditree India is the brain child of IT Technocrats and Pharmaceutical experts who are involved in the development of a common platform to create a scenario, systems and procedures which can ensure well being and good health of the entire population residing across India.

At Meditree India, we aim to provide a platform which ensure availability of pharmaceutical products/ medicines, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, distribution of medicines to poor and down trodden, availability of services required to start a pharmaceutical / surgical device company or run and market it, a platform to know the process of how to donate and get organs with the sole motive of creating awareness among people and corporate regarding the opportunities and availabilities of all of these on pan India basis.

This aims to think globally and serve nationally to support the cause of the government of providing medicines and health care facilities within the affordability of a common man irrespective of who they are.

Our citizens trusts the products of pharmaceutical companies worldwide and we aim to strengthen their trust further by ensuring that each one of them gets all types of medical services just by reaching us. Our only goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the destiny of the people we serve.

Collaboration is one of our founding tenets, and it’s hard to find work here that hasn’t been affected by many, both internally and externally.

We thank you for visiting our website and our endeavor is to serve each one of them.