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  • Buy Medicine

    Market place with wide variety of medicines

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  • Contract-manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing

    A contract manufacturing organization (CMO) / contract development and manufacturing organization is an organization that serves the pharmaceuticals industry as the manufacturer of the formulation as per the need of the client. This includes comprehensive services and drug development…

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  • Raw-material-Formulation-buy-&-Sale-Exchange

    Raw material/Formulation buy & Sale/Exchange

    API and Excipients are essential factor for achieving best plant efficiencies and customer service. The demand and supply situation some times creates a transient shortage of some raw materials seriously impacting the production schedules and on the contrary many…

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  • Dossier-Services

    Dossier Services

    At Meditree we have expertise to create dossiers for registration of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Medical Devices and other regulated products for Regulated Markets, Lesser Regulated Markets and Emerging Markets.

    Meditree having a backing of product development labs have a bank of…

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  • Regulatory-Affairs-Service

    Regulatory Affairs Service

    Regulatory affairs provide an overview of drug/ Device development across the value chain of a product. Regulatory Affairs Maps the drug/Device right from the development to clinical trials to post marketing surevellence. It serves as a primary link between…

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  • Surgical-Device

    Surgical Device

    Surgical devices are very critical to successful surgeries. The quality and availability of the Surgical Devices has always been a challenge more so in the tier 2 & 3 towns and interior parts of India.

    At Meditree, we help Hospitals,…

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  • Pharmaceutical-Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Packaging development as well as finding a best vendor for providing packaging inputs to mid and small Pharma Industries has always been a challenge. The unorganized structure of this industry with little or no major manufacturers make the task…

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  • Paramedical-Services

    Paramedical Services

    Post Hospitalization, chronic disorders and age related medical syndromes needs continuous attendance of the patient. In today’s era of Nuclear Families, there are less people to support a patient or a needy person at home. Many a times it…

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  • NGO-Charity-medicines

    NGO Charity medicines

    The role of Non Government Organization (NGO) in low income and developing countries is well documented. The NGO’s can play a major role to source in the medicines under their control and find suitable platform by their own research…

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  • Hospital-Supply

    Hospital Supply

    Our specialized services includes supply of best quality, branded as well as generic medicines to the Nursing homes and hospitals across the segment. We also undertake to supply to the hospitals and nursing homes with best quality, hand held…

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  • Organ-Donation

    Organ Donation

    “Donate Organs Save Lives”

    Who Can Donate Organ

    Organ can be donated almost by everyone of nearly any age with average health. Person suffering from HIV, cancer, bacteria related diseases are usually exempted from donating their organ.

    Which Organ Can…

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